Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I receive payment and rental statements?

We will deposit the net proceeds of your rental income into your nominated account as per your management agreement on the 1st and the 15th of each month (or the next business banking day where the 1st falls on a weekend or public holiday, and the working day prior to the 15th).

Your rental statement will be e-mailed or posted to you straight after the 1st of the month and any copies of accounts paid on your behalf will be attached. Emailed statements are sent at the same time as owner disbursements. We will provide you with an accurate annual income and expenditure statement at the end of the financial year for your taxation purposes.

*Payment over the Christmas period may have the first payment of the New Year deferred to the first working day our office re-opens for the New Year. We will send early notification to all our owners of payments over the Christmas/New Year period.

Can we use our contractors for maintenance and repair work at our discretion?

We will advise you on all maintenance required on the property and deliver your instructions accordingly. We have nominated contractors at the ready, however should you wish to consider other options available to you in the market place please feel free to do so at your discretion.

What are your management fees?

We don’t want to be the cheapest in town, we want to be the BEST in town. We believe quality service can come at an affordable price and without compromise. Our commitment to you is second to none. Please get in contact to discuss management fees for your property.

Please advise your inspection cycle time-frame?

Inspections – 6 weeks after the tenants shift into the property and/or after takeover of a property and then every 3 months thereafter. Inspections can be scheduled more frequent on properties which need closer monitoring and/or at the owner’s request.

Please advise your prospective tenant and approval policy?

We provide all our landlords with New Zealand’s only comprehensive tenant background checking system. This check gives us the access to 12-plus databases in one place and we provide this check free of charge. This tenant check, in most cases, will negate the credit check being undertaken. All owners can still have a credit check if required on the ingoing tenants.

This advanced tenant check is industry leading and Tremains is leading the way in Hawke’s Bay by using this facility for our landlords. This extra information is giving us the edge to provide qualified tenants for our properties.

Please provide a copy of your standard tenancy agreement and are we able to insert additional conditions?

We understand that every property is different and at times require special conditions and clauses in the tenancy agreement. We have a thorough tenancy agreement and can include any clauses and conditions appropriate for the property. We have had many years of experience in writing tenancy agreements and work closely with Tenancy Services to make sure that they are legally binding.

Do you complete comprehensive photos for all pre, post tenancy inspections and regular inspections?

Comprehensive photographs are taken of the property prior to a tenancy, throughout the tenancy at inspections and at the termination of the tenancy. For example, an average three bedroom property prior to a tenant moving in we would take approximately 200-300 photographs and a detailed condition report. Inspection photos are taken to show any condition and maintenance issues required and to also show you how well your property is being looked after.