This is our first priority. Our team understand that our goal is to find the best possible tenant in the quickest possible time.

Prospective tenants are screened and selected with great care. We have a thorough, discerning and highly effective system that assesses the suitability of all prospective tenants.

All prospective tenants are required to complete a tenant application form, providing us with the information necessary to determine their suitability for each property. We are then able to make our recommendation to the Landlord, who has the final decision.

Once the right tenant is selected we provide the following property inspections:

Entry Inspection 


  • This is an extremely detailed inspection report with around 200 accompanying photos to show proof of the standard of the property prior to the tenants moving in. Tenants are also required to confirm the entry condition within 7 days of moving in.

Quarterly Inspection


  • We carry out meticulous quarterly inspections and you will receive a detailed report with photographs. These inspections give us the opportunity to identify areas where preventative maintenance may be required.

Exit Inspection


  • Upon vacate, we ensure the tenant leaves your property in the clean and tidy condition as when the tenancy commenced; taking fair wear and tear into consideration. The bond will not be refunded until we are completely satisfied with the condition of the property.